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Energy Factor: 9 Tips To A Flat Belly

A flat belly is a goal of many people, women especially. For women that can be a lofty goal. 

Pregnancy and the natural tendency for a woman's body to retain fat in the stomach area both work against her when trying to achieve a flat belly

There are ways to get that ideal looking stomach. Hard work and dedication can really pay off. Here are 9 tips you can use to reach that flat belly goal.

Flat Belly Tip #1: Take your time.

Too often people rush into a weight loss program expecting he results from the beginning. This is not going to happen, especially in the stomach area. A flat belly is a combination of low body fat, along with toned muscles, which both take time to accomplish. Start out knowing it will be a slow process so you don't get too discouraged.

Flat Belly Tip #2: Set Smart Goals

Along the same lines with taking things slow, you want to set goals, but make sure they are reasonable. Don't set goals you can't reach, like losing 20 pounds in a week.

Flat Belly Tip #3: Stand Up Straighter

Good posture can be a quick fix for belly issues. Just standing up straighter elongates your body and can get rid of some belly bulge. You should make it a point to watch your posture and try to stand up and sit up straight all the time.

Flat Belly Tip #4: Change Your Diet.

Some foods are notorious for causing belly bloat. You can often eliminate a lot of your problems simply by avoiding foods that cause bloating. This can cause immediate, visible results.

Flat Belly Tip #5: Get Aerobic Exercise.

Many people think they need to do just focused core exercises. Working the stomach alone may tone up that area and is a good idea when trying to get a flat belly, but you also need aerobic exercise that will burn fat and create a lean mid-section.

Flat Belly Tip #6: Twisting More

Incorporate exercises into your routine that involve twisting of the torso. This twisting motion will hit the obloquies or side abdominal muscles and help to create a thin look to the mid-section.

Flat Belly Tip #7: Work your lower abs

Many people think only about crunches when doing ab exercises. You are missing a large section of your ab muscles when you do this. You also need to hit the lower abs. This can be done easily through standing exercises where you lift the knee or kick out the leg.

Flat Belly Tip #8: Pilates

Pilates are amazing for the ab muscles since the focus of moist Pilates exercises are on the core. You use your core to stabilize your whole body, which really strengthens and tones this area.

Flat Belly Tip #9: Use exercise equipment

You can make great use of workout balls, bands and other equipment to assist you with working your ab muscles. These pieces of equipment cause you to work your ab muscles no matter what exercises you are doing. Things like exercise balls and bands are also very cheap to buy, so you can get a great workout for a small investment.

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