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Best Meal, Best Life

Maybe you eagerly wanted to know and imagined how long is it possible to live your life longer ? Do you want to enjoy life beyond its expectancy?

Everyone loves to live, indulge or enjoy life longer. And the basic answer to this question is definitely yes! Our physical existence can be one satisfying and enjoyable if one has maintained a good physical condition throughout one's life.

If you know how, you could definitely improve your life span by as much as nearly seven years and simultaneously keep yourself normally healthy at this very phase in your extended life.

One very elementary tip: Start now by eating daily the right varieties of food , the right kinds of food which have low fat contents.

Take note that eating healthy dishes, those with low-fat contents, just like fish and vegetables, can certainly enhance a person's physical well-being and extend his lifespan that health conscious individuals have known for sometime now. The effects of healthy eating habits are cumulative, this is a basic fact and definitely one amazing good news for us.

I'll give you the top list of food items with low fat contents that bring good health and longer life:

  • Almonds
  • Blueberries
  • Red grapes
  • Spinach
  • Garlic
  • Salmon and Whole grains.
  • Considering the low fat contents of the above-mentioned foods, they, first and foremost have been recognized to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. A reduction in blood pressure and maintained good cholesterol levels in effect minimize the risks of heart disease problems.

    Take the case of salmon which has a high level of useful omega acids and low in fat. Omega acids are noted to reduce the threat of heart disease by more than thirty percent.

    The effects of these longevity foods as shown in a recent study after consumption of subject men and women showed that men lived nearly seven years longer, while women lived nearly five years longer versus the average. These men and women have also been observed to have felt better and had healthy and fit hearts.

    Furthermore, from this research found in the British Medical Journal, taking in nutritious foods with low fat contents and also containing other basic essential elements and nutrients, an individual's life span can be extended. One therefore can live enjoyably fit, healthy and naturally much longer than ever before.

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