From Teen To Lean (Article)

1 Simple Trick Helps Teens Lose Weight Fast

by Chris Guerriero - Host of The Energy Factor TV Show

The majority of teens who want to lose weight – fail – because the information they’re given does not work for their teenage body.

In fact, this epidemic of 'mis-information’ is causing the teens in our nation to become 'mis-formed’ (fat) – but there is a solution...

...and the solution is NOT to "work harder”, in fact by implementing a few simple techniques you can work less and get far more results by following a diet plan that works for teens.

Today I’d like to discuss a technique that I developed more than 12 years ago that's made a drastic difference in the lives of our teen clients – helping them to transform their bodies from out of shape, to tight, lean and energized in less time and with far less effort.

Now a few authors or so-called guru’s have tried to copy this process but they usually end up screwing it up because they try to put their own spin on the basic technique, which in the end messes up the results their readers get.

If used properly though, this technique is a sure-fire way to keep your teen metabolism running as high and efficiently as possible…and it’s called Cycling Your Calories.

So, how does this amazing technique help teens drop weight?

Here's a step by step guide...

Teen Weight Loss Rule #1...

If you're used to eating 2000 calories per day for example, then your teen metabolism is used to burning up that amount of energy every day.

Teen Weight Loss Rule #2...

If however, you suddenly drop 500-1000 calories from your diet (preferably from complex carbohydrates) our research clearly shows that your body will continue to burn about 2000 calories per day for approximately 24-48 hours.

So, if your body is still burning 2000 or so calories, but you’re only feeding it 1500 calories, it must find those calories somewhere else...

...and if you’re following a healthy diet, one that eliminates acid building-foods and concentrates on fresh vegetables, lean protein sources and fresh water, along with a healthy exercise regimen, then your body will find those additional calories in your stored body fat — particularly in those stubborn fat cells you previously thought you could never lose.

So, what does this mean?

It means that by cycling your caloric intake, you’re actually forcing your body to burn all that extra body fat as energy!

This one technique alone has changed the lives of more of my teen clients than any other, and it has the ability to change your life as well if you use it properly.

Teen Weight Loss Rule #3...

There are some restrictions though. You have to be careful when using this technique because you can’t maintain this low calorie intake for too long.

In fact, I don’t ever suggest that my teen clients maintain it longer than 2-3 days at a time. So, after a few days of this lower calorie intake, you need to raise your calories up to your normal intake again (2000 calories in this example).

The great part about this aspect of the program however, is that your teen metabolism will keep increasing as long as you keep cycling your calories.

...and it will keep increasing until it reaches its peak fat burning level!

Here's An Example...

To give you a better idea of what I’m talking about, use this example of what your week might look like:

  • Saturday and Sunday = regular caloric intake

  • Monday and Tuesday = drop 500–1000 calories from your diet (dropping mostly complex carbs, while maintaining your lean protein and your raw vegetable intake).

  • Wednesday, Thursday and Friday = regular caloric intake

If done properly, this is a technique you can use right now to really boost your teen metabolism.

...and absolutely add these vegetables to your day to further boost your fat loss:

Even if you think you’ve damaged your metabolic system in the past or you have a slow or sluggish metabolism, this technique will quickly help to increase the effectiveness of your metabolic system now so you can effectively lose those unwanted pounds and then maintain that lean, tight body you have always wanted.

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Here's to your mega-health,
Chris Guerriero


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