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The Secret To Weight Loss...

“Every expert was once an amateur”

Six simple words to remember.

No matter what the talent…no matter what the goal, everyone begins their journey as a novice. Even those who seem to be naturally gifted have to continually work to polish and improve.

Whether your goal is to burn all that stubborn fat or boost your energy level – it doesn’t matter...

Have you noticed that people who are in shape all the time are usually passionate about it as well?

But never doubt that their first attempt to be healthier or leaner or more flexible, was not without some serious trepidation.

See, here’s the thing: Some people worry that if they don’t reach their goal body immediately, it means they never will. 

They allow self-doubt to eat away at their self-confidence. 

They begin to question whether they’ve got what it takes to look and feel great.

But the truth is that if you have a passion to be lean and healthy, it will propel you forward.

  • You’ll learn from the disappointments and you’ll revise your approach.

  • Those disappointments will slowly give way to accomplishments.

  • Those accomplishments will bring you accolades, which will further boost your confidence…driving you forward.

Then one day you’ll realize that you no longer struggling to look and feel good. You’ll have time-proven strategies that work for you…and others will be asking you for advice!

I speak about those who have reached that level throughout the Energy Factor television show - and many of them appear as guests to share their stories (I hope you'll be one of my guests on an upcoming episode).

With patience and resilience, we all have the capacity to unlock our body’s true potential… and then there’s nothing left to do but enjoy the ride.

Keep moving forward,

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