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Easily Boost Metabolism With Live Foods...

Live foods are those that are full of natural live enzymes, vitamins and hundreds of other nutritional substances that are destroyed in the heating process, for example…raw vegetables and fruits.

“Eating live foods, such as raw fruits and vegetables, brings energy back into your body and helps you digest all the other foods you consume with them.”

When you’re preparing your meals each day try adding at least 1 serving of raw vegetables to each and every meal. You see, those raw vegetables are loaded with a variety of enzymes. 

God put those enzymes into our food to help our body digest them. In fact, vegetables were designed with the exact ratio of enzymes to fully digest themselves. Now there’s very few other foods that we can say that about – fruit also has a lot of enzymes in it, but fruit also contains a lot of sugar, which makes us retain water and makes it harder for us to lose excess bodyfat – so for our purposes in this class, we’re going to avoid most fruit intake.

Meat has no enzymes in it at all (in essence it’s ‘dead’ or void of all live enzymes and most bio-available vitamins and minerals), and that goes for red meat, pork, veal, chicken and fish – and, although to a lesser extent, the same holds true for most of the foods derived from those animals like eggs and milk.

So how the heck are we supposed to digest all that other stuff. Well it’s simple, first of all, our body makes some enzymes to help us digest the food we eat, but that’s not good enough…

The majority of people today are clinically constipated because they rely on just the enzymes that their body makes to digest all the “dead food” they eat – that means that they poop once (or less) each day. Now if you eat 3, 4, or 5 meals and snacks each day – where does all that food go? 

Usually during one of my seminars one or two people raise their hand at this point and educate me on the fact that after we eat the food, the water gets pulled out of it and it decreases in size substantially, then we burn a bit of that matter up as fuel for the day.

Hey guys, get a clue, if you constantly add trash to a trash compactor, and it crushes your trash down into a fraction of the size it originally was, then every once and a while you take out a few of those hard nuggets of trash, at the end of the week, you still have a lot of trash left over – and eventually you’re compactor is going to get overwhelmed, overworked, and sluggish.

What you need to do is find a way to empty that trash compactor after every use – then scrub it clean so it doesn’t start to smell. Sort of like what you need to do for your digestive system and your bowels. 

By adding raw vegetables to your meals, you’re adding a bunch of powerful enzymes that will not only digest those vegetables, but they’ll also help to digest everything else in your stomach, then the fiber in those vegetables will continue to work by acting like a scrub brush and cleaning off the walls of your intestines and your colon – forcing your body to expel all of the accumulated waste and all of the sludge left over (after you digest and assimilate) all the needed nutrients from your meals.

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