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Choosing The Best Ab Exercise vs. Doing An Ab Exercise The Best Way

I've always been amazed how much MORE RESULTS you can get from any exercise if you do it correctly. The ab exercise in this video is a perfect example!

More Energy Now!

A quick trick that can double, triple, or quadruple your energy in a week or less!  Easy Weight Loss Tip

16 Ways To Lose Weight and Shed Body Fat

Eat less = shed weight ??? Here's the other stuff you can do to get leaner...  Weight LossSecrets

2 Nutrients That Boost Metabolism

Most diets advocate low-fat, low-carb, high-protein foods as the standard weight-loss regime. Truth be told, not only is this type of diet very restricting, but it doesn’t supply your body the nutrition it needs to boost you metabolism...  Boost your metabolism now

Quick Nutrition Tips...

Most people today are starved for nutrition, which drains their physical and mental energy, and causes them to age faster. The fastest way to recharge your body and your mind is to... See the article

3 Ways To Stop Those Annoying Cravings...

The best way to fire up your fat burner is not exercise. Study after study proves that the best way to push your body into the ultimate fat-burning zone is to stick to a healthy diet, but that's a major challenge for most people. If you fall into that category too, here's the top 3 ways to put an end to your worst cravings... Stop cravings now

5 Exercises To Quickly Shed Inches and Sculpt Your Legs...

Remember that famous commercial that said: "Nothing beats a great pair of legs", well that's the truth, however the commercial was for a razor. Dig into this articles and check out 5 exercises to quickly strip that extra bit of fat and help you uncover your best pair of legs. Sculpt your legs with these 5 exercises

10 Proven Ways To Lose Weight Even If You Have A Sluggish Thyroid!

As many of you know, our primary focus in the research center (National Metabolic & Longevity Research Center) is health, on a cellular level, which maximizes a persons natural energy and helps them look and feel years younger. However, one of the major side effects is a dramatic drop in body fat! And the reason for that, is because we help people become healthier by balancing the systems in their body. See the full report here

6 Weeks To A Beach Body!

Here are 4 powerfully effective ways to lose the maximum amount of fat in the fastest, safest time. Look great at the beach

Balance = Helps you reduce stress, drop weight, and boosts energy!

Life is all about balance. If you go out with friends one night and eat too many fattening foods, you can balance that out by exercising more. If you’re on vacation and want to skip a few workouts, then you can tighten up your diet. And the same holds true about stress. The best way to balance out a stressful day is to... Boost Energy Now

17 Proven Ways To Look Years Younger

There are 17 proven ways we use to help our famous clients look years (…and years) younger … I’ve fully detailed one of the most powerful tips in this article. See the article

When To Eat Fat To Lose Weight

The importance of healthy Fats in your diet has been a truly controversial subject in the past years, in fact some of my viewers get confused when it comes to this subject – thinking that I’m totally against all fats. I'm not - See the whole scoop on this topic

Live Foods - And How They Boost Metabolism

Live foods are those that are full of natural live enzymes, vitamins and thousands of other nutritional substances that are destroyed in the heating process, for example…Easily boost metabolism

Questions For Viewers Like You

Get a sneak peak into what some of your fellow Energy Factor viewers are asking - and read my candid replies :-)   Access our Q&A page

From Teen To Lean

A teenage weight loss guide. The majority of teens who want to lose weight – fail – because the information they’re given does not work for their teenage body. In fact, this epidemic of ‘mis-information’ is causing the teens in our nation to become ‘mis-formed’ (fat) – but there is a solution... Teenage Weight Loss Guide

Fat Burning Mode vs Fat Storing Mode

It's a well known fact that no matter how hard you exercise or how well you diet, every time you face a stressful situation, your body immediately switches from Fat Burning mode - to Fat Storing mode. The Solution Is Here

Shape Your Arms, Butt, Legs, And Back In Just 7 Minutes a Day!

A simple and effective plan to steer you in the direction towards a smaller and tighter butt. Watch the video

WARNING – These 3 Foods Marketed As "Healthy" Actually Increase Your Stomach Fat - Stay FAR Away From Them

It's true, food companies are constantly looking for a slight edge in their marketing that helps them sell more than their competitors - and they get away with it some big fat lies! The biggest lies are about soy, corn, and... See the article

This Weird Workout (Scientifically-Based) Burns Belly Fat Faster Than Cardio 

Most people try to lose weight by drastically reducing calories and skipping meals. That's the worst way to lose weight. Try these easy to follow tips to better weight loss.Easy Diet Tips

Shocking Video Shows The Key To Eating Bad Food And Still Losing Weight

If temptation has kept you slowed your weight loss and your diet book is still sitting on the shelf - you probably fall into the population of those who need a little junk food in their diet to successfully drop weight. It's all explained in this weight loss video. Weight loss video

How To Look The Part...

Some people choose their clothes to hide their weak area's, and some chose clothes that show off their strong points, but when you're in shape, all clothes just hang better on you. Read on and see how this effected my life

How To Have a Great Day…

38 sure-fire ways to have a great day. See full list

What's Your Most Important Task?

Do you know what your most important task is? I know it's tempting to start naming off a list of things you want to get done. You may want to grow your business, save for your kids' college, or get fit enough to run a marathon. Or maybe all three! 
Free Article

How To Turn Your Past Diet Failures Into A Lean, Strong, Healthy Body

Unlocking your body's true potential could be a struggle unless you know this... The Secret To Weight Loss

8 Flat Belly Weight Loss Tips

Here's 8 free weight loss tips you can use to get a flat belly fast... 8 Flat Belly Tips

Secret Fat Loss Test

I've been secretly testing these online personal trainers all morning, and I know that they're going to help people (you) to get into great shape... Get it FREE!

Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Recently 2 women arranged to meet over a business lunch. One of the ladies arrived early and was seated at the table, but when the other arrived - she did a 'double take' and wondered if she was at the wrong table because she almost didn't recognize her lunch companion.... Click Here To Drop Belly Fat

Lazy Way To Lean Legs

Free exercise videos that detail how to shape up your legs, and give you the total body you want... Click Here To Get Lean Legs

Have More Energy - Fast

Everything you need to have more energy in your life, including the two nutrients that outperform all others when it comes to boosting both mental and physical energy…
Have More Energy Now

How To Get More Energy Naturally

Here's a great reprint of an article we found to help people who want to know how to get more energy using a cool list of natural herbs... How To Get More Energy Now

Is Your Shampoo Lowering Your Testosterone And Other Healthy Hormones?

Did you know that nearly ALL commercial shampoos contain the female hormone “estrogen” in them? ... Avoid These Shampoos to Boost Your Testosterone Naturally


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