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How To Have a Great Day…

by Chris Guerriero

1.  Believe in yourself.
2.  Always read inspirational books before you go to sleep:

  • inspirational books guide your dreams...

  • tonight's dreams determine tomorrow's actions...

  • tomorrow's actions create your reality!

3.  Avoid negative people - they'll squeeze your dream right out of you.
4.  Avoid making excuses.
5.  Make a decision today to finally change your life for the better.
6.  Surround yourself with motivation:

  • Books

  • Mentors

  • Quotes

  • Pictures

  • Audios

7.  Use visualization to see yourself having already achieved your goal.
8.  Be the one others admire.
9.  Be the one others call lucky.
10. Be the one who stands out in the crowd.
11. Learn to take action.
12. Then take action!
13. Learn your lessons fast - ten move on.
14. Learn to forgive yourself.
15. Learn to forgive others (including your family).
16. Be grateful for what you have.
17. Be grateful for your ability to learn new things.
18. Just be grateful!
19. Write out your goals and desires.
20. Get plenty of quality sleep.
21. Give someone a helping hand.
22. Listen to a child laugh.
23. Make a child laugh.
24. Eat healthy foods like fresh, raw veggies and lean protein.
25. Smile - it’s infectious.
26. Exercise more.
27. Breath deeper.
28. Drink plenty of fresh, clean water.
29. Take time out for your family and friends.
30. Stretch more.
31. Over deliver on your promises
32. Relax more.
33. Learn from your failures.
34. Don’t take life too seriously.
35. Dance.
36. Have fun.
37. Never give up on your dreams or yourself.
38. Forward this to anyone you think would enjoy a great day :-) 
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