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What's Your #1 Most Important Task?

Do you know what your most important task is?

I know it's tempting to start naming off a list of things you want to get done. You may want to grow your business, save for your kids' college, or get fit enough to run a marathon. Or maybe all three!

What I'm asking is this: what's your driving purpose in life? What is it that truly makes you happy? What do you ultimately want to accomplish in your life?

For instance, one of your goals may be to get your kids into a great school. But is that all you want for them? Probably not. If you give it some thought, you'll probably agree that you want them to grow up to be strong, happy and healthy people. 

That would be one of your most important tasks.

Sadly, most people never figure out what their most important task is.

I know for long time I didn't.

I was so focused on getting all this "stuff" done that I allowed myself to be sidetracked by a lot of projects that had nothing to do with my true passion...the thing I was absolutely committed to doing no matter what.

But without focus - we tend to work on too many different things and we achieve far less then we deserve.

It's so important to figure out your most important task is, and once you know what that is... deciding what to spend your time on is clear. 

It's amazing what you can accomplish with that kind of focus!

Listen - I know it can be hard to find your driving purpose. But spend time today, even if it's just five or ten minutes, thinking about what you really want to achieve. Once you get it figured out, then Keep Moving Forward to pursue it!

Spend time on things that support your goal, and drop the things that don't.

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Have a great day!

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